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Feel stuck in a relationship that isn’t working?

Feel exhausted arguing too much—including the small stuff? Worried about a blowup happening at any moment? Sick to your stomach with so much tension & anxiety? Acting in ways you aren’t proud of—but can’t help yourself?  Or, no more sex, no more sharing—no more love?

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You’re already invested. Already have history. And already miserable? Let’s fix that—with lots of better & plenty of more

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Better communication

Talk openly without you or your partner getting defensive

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Better skills

More hope knowing what to do & how to talk when things get dicey

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More confidence

Feel at peace with your choice—whether to stay or leave

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More trust

Learn to manage your partner & yourself—during worst-of-times

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More intimacy

Have fun, loving, frequent, playful, steamy, connected, great sex

Listen better • Argue less • Love more • Increase fun • Handle tough times • Be a solid team together

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Working with Gretchen saved my marriage. After being married for nearly 2 years, completely unaware of how our undealt with trauma was bleeding into our marriage, we began working with Gretchen. Although it took a lot of time and patience from both parties, we learned how to communicate effectively with one another and mastered the skill of repair. Had we not gone through therapy, I can confidently say our marriage was headed towards divorce. Now we're 7 months pregnant and about to welcome our 1st child, all because we chose to invest in our marriage and not give up.


I have been a client of Gretchen's since 2016 after the traumatic deaths of my mother & brother which left me suffering from a severe case of PTSD. Gretchen's patient and compassionate care saved my life. Her treatment using EMDR and kind and caring talk therapy changed my life. I'm so grateful to her. Best therapist I've ever experienced. I highly recommend her.

Michael W.

Gretchen was so understanding of our personal challenges after 10 years of marriage. She offered small shifts and personal reflection that has brought stability and joy back into our relationship. She’s great, great, great! No need to be of the same faith, open to all types of relationships.

Cindy P.

Gretchen with OC Couples Center is amazing! She helped me navigate a very difficult time in my life while also respecting some sensitive boundaries. I loved working with Gretchen!

Wendy R.

Thank you, Gretchen, for today's session. Holding the space for me to express myself meant a lot. Today was the first time I ever told my husband what I dislike about something he gives me. I have always been extra welcoming of all his efforts, but I felt strong enough to share that it wasn't necessarily my cup of tea. That was huge for me. My intent is always to honor and lovingly accept his efforts. And, it was important to let him know—that he doesn't know me that well. Thank you so much!


​​Hi I just wanted to tell you that I am thankful for you in my life. I feel like I’ve made more progress in the few weeks that we’ve been meeting than in years of therapy. So, thank you!

Anneke M.

For individuals

Suffering from trauma, anxiety or depression?

Do you have negative thoughts swirling around? Worried or hopeless about your future? Is substance abuse a problem? I can help. See my Individual Therapy service—whether for yourself or someone you love.

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Learn to spot things quickly—to fix things quickly.

Not everything that is hard—has to be complex. Learn how to keep drama small, not big.


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If you don't make an assertive decision the universe will make it for you.

And it won't be the one you want.

There's no shame in getting help.

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Keep love in—not out of the relationship.

20+ years helping couples—I can help you

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Right balance of straight talk, humor & experience

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Work through heated talks faster
Feel more relaxed, energized & confident
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Enjoy moments without worry of blowups
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Keep living years in conflict
Keep feeling lonely & angry
Keep arguing needlessly
Keep avoiding what should be addressed
Keep feeling unfulfilled & resentful
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The 5 mistakes people make when doing couples therapy

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Why gamble with your relationship?

“I’m tired of being in an unhealthy relationship. Exhausted by the bad vibes. And sad it’s gotten this bad over the years. I want this to work. I want to live & love my partner all over again. And be a great role model for our kids.”

Well said you. That’s what we’ll make happen working together.

Too many couples avoid problems that break up marriages & relationships. I provide therapy sessions & workshops to make relationships fun healthy & loving again.