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No more senseless quarrels. No more walking on eggshells. Services to help you re-engage with life & your partner.

On brink of divorce ∙ Recover from infidelity ∙ Heal trauma with EMDR ∙ Parent through tough times ∙ Communication & connection ∙ Intimacy & desire ∙ Bi-&-multiracial couples  

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Couples Therapy

Make relationships fun, healthy & rewarding again.

90min initial session: $450
90min follow up session:  $450
60min follow up session:  $300

Individual Therapy

Work through trauma, anxiety & depression and life transitions.

75min initial session: $250
45-50min follow up session:  $225
60min follow up session:  $300
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Couples Intensives

Help people on the verge of leaving or doing something harmful.

2hr initial session: $600
3hr follow up session:  $900
4hr follow up session:  $1200
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Communication Workshops

There’s so much you can fix in your relationship by communicating clearly & lovingly.

Coming soon!

Interested in ongoing sessions? ∙ Sliding pay scale? ∙ Or wondering if insurance covers out-of-care network?  Call us at 949 245 1435.

Why me?

Because relationships are hard.

Whether for… high-conflict couples, personality disorders, substance abuse, childhood trauma, surviving sexual assault, sexual difficulties, infidelity… to name a few.

I take on the hard stuff to improve peoples’ lives. To provide hope for a great future—no matter how dark & lonely it’s been up to now.

Ready to save your relationship, or consciously uncouple? Move forward after a difficult past? And experience the dignity, peace & joy you deserve?

Why gamble with your relationship?

“I’m tired of being in an unhealthy relationship. Exhausted by the bad vibes. And sad it’s gotten this bad over the years. I want this to work. I want to live & love my partner all over again. And be a great role model for our kids.”

Well said you. That’s what we’ll make happen working together.

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Too many couples avoid problems that break up marriages & relationships. I provide therapy sessions & workshops to make relationships fun healthy & loving again.