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Is therapy covered by insurance?

Medical insurance is intended to treat a medical diagnosis (eg anxiety, depression, etc) as opposed to communication problems.

However, say your partner is having difficulties at work, in social settings or with basic daily functioning. And, say these difficulties are affected by your relationship troubles—which contribute to that medical diagnosis. Then this may be covered by insurance. We can determine this in our consultation call.

Will my insurance cover this therapy?

Let’s find out. Just contact us. We’ll run it through to know before we meet. We’ll determine your deductible, max out-of-pocket & reimbursement percentage.

Email us at admin@occouplescenter.com. Or call 949 245 1435. Provide full name, DOB & insurance number.  Simple, right?

Also know…

  • I am an out-of-network provider for all insurance carriers
  • Usually, insurance covers 60, not 90, minute sessions—check with your provider

What about “reasonable & customary fees”?

Reimbursements for sessions vary across insurance policies. And mostly, they won’t provide this info before any session. My recommendation? After our first session, submit your superbill* right away so your your provider will know all costs for your therapy session.

  • I submit monthly superbills through

Reimbursify. This allows you to submit & track your reimbursements—for free, as part of your care.

How can I make this work for my budget?

Great question. We’ll talk more during your first session. Meanwhile, some common strategies…

✓  Draw from a Health Savings Account (HSA)

✓  Spread out sessions over this & next year

✓  Prioritize specific goals & keep a narrow focus

✓  Experiment with 60 vs. 90 minute sessions

What happens on the first few visits?

First, we meet for 90 minutes. We set goals—for the short & long term. I’ll learn where you’re having difficulties in the relationship. And… we’ll determine if we’re the right fit for each other.

Second, I’ll meet with each of you, for 50 minutes. Then, all 3 of us will meet for 90 minutes. We’ll cover history and the notes you send me prior to our first meeting. We’ll all have solid footing to make rapid progress—right out the gate.

Why do you show pricing—when others don’t?

I show pricing right up front because: 1) therapy is valuable; 2) money matters and; 3) why wait?

Per session fees might seem expensive but separation, divorce, wasted time, crappy vacations, potential blowups, constant stress, loss of focus, kids’ memories, loneliness & misery for all—costs way more, right? Right?

What makes this different from other couples therapy?

The short answer…

✓  Trained specifically & clinically for couples

 20+ years helping couples

✓  No cookie-cutter approach or schedule

✓  Every situation is unique—and yet I’ve seen em all

✓  I’m a go to couples-therapists—even for other therapists

The long answer…

Many therapists & psychologists don’t specialize in couples therapy. This can lead to more harm than good. And most importantly…

Neither of you will leave my office feeling worse or better than the other.

Because it’s about the relationship—it takes both of you. And that’s our focus. Not… who’s right, who’s wrong, who’s good, who’s bad. But rather, what can each of you do to create a positive future—together.

How do I know if we’re a good match for each other?

A 15-minute consultation.

✓  Come with questions & concerns

✓  Tell me your current situation

✓   It’ll become obvious if we’re a match—or not

Also, we’ll review my training, costs & any other concerns you may have. We’ll double-check that, too, in our first session. If not, I’ll refer you to a trusted colleague. Either way, all good, because you’re moving forward.

How do I know this therapy will work for us?

Good question.

There’re no guarantees.

However, the real question though is…

“What will this relationship become—if we don’t get help?”

In a year? Or two? Or 10?

Now, if you want to argue less, connect deeper, sort things faster, parent better & love more… there’s work to do.

And I know how to help. Been doing it for 20+ years. Yet sometimes, therapy isn’t enough. But know this… you will feel proud when looking back, knowing you tried your best. And made an assertive decision—whether to stay or leave the relationship .

Individual or couples therapy—how to choose?

Having difficulties as a couple? Both of you willing to attend sessions? Then do couples therapy. Otherwise, individual is the way to go. We’ll discuss more in our initial consultation call.

My partner is hesitant to do therapy—what should I do?

Ah right, I see this often. A few suggestions…

  • Attend one, free 15-minute consultation together—with no obligation for anything more
  • Attend one 90-minute session together—again, with no further obligation
  • Come alone—to get support for yourself

Often, partners worry about being attacked or embarrassed during therapy. But this won’t happen when we work together. You’ll see. So will your partner.

Whether together or alone—come get the support you need, and advance the relationship to the next stage of repair. Sometimes, it takes one partner to see the progress—then join in on the fun.

Can we do this virtually?

Absolutely. Virtual works great. Some couples do a few sessions in-person, then switch to virtual. For others, with busy work & family schedule—virtual meetings work best.

Why might I consider intensive therapy?

Are you on the verge of a separation, divorce or any other pending crisis? Intensives allows us to meet sooner, act faster, identify options to then make a good choice for very next steps. It can buy you time while acting in purposeful ways to pave a quick path forward.

We’ve chosen to move on—can you help us do this right?

Of course I can.

If there’s nothing more you can to do to repair or rebuild the relationship, then learn…

✓ How to talk about it among yourselves—& the kids

✓ How & when to talk about it—with others

✓ What needs to happen next given current circumstances

✓ What business to take care of

✓ How to say good-bye while preparing for the many details

And anything else to make not-working—work!

We’ll find ways to avoid a contentious separation or divorce while putting the kids first. Let’s talk, too, about possibly using this therapy to help before or during any legal mediation.

Know, I do this often—so you’ll feel…

✓ More in control

✓ More prepared

✓ More hope for a better outcome—for everyone

And… therapy is (way) cheaper than attorney fees. I’m just sayin’.

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Got questions about working together? Here’re ones I hear often, thought I’d proactively answer them for you. Ready. Set. Get clear.

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