OC Couples Center & Gretchen Carillo, LMFT

I started as a therapist in Mexico City...

…seeing, when parents struggle—kids do too. Parents argue, kids experience drama, everyone feels drained, angry & frustrated. So I shifted my clinical focus to couples therapy—for a double win.

I’m a public health person—worked for years in the field. Make no mistake about it—unhealthy relationships are a public health crisis. Back here in Orange County—I’m doing something about it.

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Why choose me?

Because relationships are hard.

Whether for… high-conflict couples, personality disorders, substance abuse, childhood trauma, surviving sexual assault, sexual difficulties, infidelity… to name a few.

Ready to save your relationship, or consciously uncouple? Move forward after a difficult past? And experience the dignity, peace & joy you deserve?

I take on the hard stuff to improve peoples’ lives. To provide hope for a great future—no matter how dark & lonely it’s been up to now.

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Gretchen is a compassionate, kind, comforting, funny and intelligent therapist who cares deeply about her work. As a fellow therapist, I value the collaborative work we have done together over the years to create change in the lives of others. Gretchen is continually seeking new knowledge, she radiates positivity and she genuinely cares about the wellness and health of those she works with.

Marcie Beasley Pham, LMFT

Working well with couples takes a special presence and high level of skill. Gretchen possesses those qualities. And I have witnessed her refreshing authenticity, strength and skill as a couples therapist and deeply trust her as a colleague to both consult with and refer to.

Michele McCormick, Ph.D.